Core Values

Making positive connections with all people in Africa can be the motivation they will need to succeed in this world.


Abofrem Area Foundation, Inc. was originally created to give back to a needy village in Abofrem, located in the Kumasi-Ashante area of Ghana, a country located on the west coast of Africa. This village lacks many of the essentials that fortunate individuals take for granted. Any contribution provided to our organization goes an extensive distance to help not only the boys and girls but also the adults. The village children are in need of everyday items which include, but aren’t limited to: clothes, shoes, school bags, water, school supplies, and much more!

The foundation is looking to expand their charitable endeavors to include all of Africa. 

Abofrem Area Foundation, Inc. (EIN # 82-4153965) is a NON-PROFIT (501(c)(3) organization and ALL donations are tax-deductible.

The creation of the Abofrem Area Foundation is the result of one woman’s desire to pay it forward and provide the means for the people in her home village in the Kumasi-Ashante region of Ghana to be able to access potable water sources, medical care, and increase opportunities for all to live and thrive.

Bringing people together to improve everyone's lives

Our Mission

At Abofrem Area Foundation, Inc., we’re supporting initiatives to serve the people who need them most.

Our Vision

Making education and good nutrition a priority for all children. Establishing schools, sanitation centers, clean water wells, and providing access to medical care.

Why Abofrem Area Foundation, Inc.?

Our Values

Live the mission.

Human connections matter.

Own the impact.

See potential in everyone.

Always keep learning.

Support us.

No amount is small